XCL can develop and implement a customized program for any organization - from recycling one or two toners to recycling multiple pallets of laser cartridges. Just ask Stony Brook University!

Closed Loop Toner Recycling Program

XCL Business Technologies has been helping its customers achieve their individual and group sustainability requirements for nearly 20 years. We are committed to protecting the environment and are able to assist in the return and recycling of all brands of laser, copier, fax and ink jet cartridges.


XCL has multiple programs for the recycling of e-waste. Our recycling efforts run concurrently with our Managed Print Program. Whether it’s an older copier or laser printer, PC or fax machine, XCL has a process to dispose of all electronic waste in an efficient and environmentally safe manor. For more information on our recycling programs, call (631)231-1456.