We keep both users and IT focused on the task at hand with productivity built-in.

Unmatched user productivity

  • Mobile Express Driver and support for AirPrint enables users or guests to print on the go from smartphones or tablets
  • Common user interface for all Connect Key MFPs
  • Single Pass scanner scans both sides of the paper in 1 scan for improved user productivity and device reliability
  • Integrate your MFP with SharePoint
  • Unified Address book integration
  • Remote Control Panel enables real-time training and troubleshooting from anywhere reduces the need for on-site visits
  • Custom Scan-to workflows to get documents where they need to go with ease
  • Save different settings in different applications
  • Access custom user features with login via existing credentials or ID card system
  • Scan to Searchable PDF allows documents to be found on your network or document management platform
  • Video jam clearance and illuminated paper path allows users to get back to work in a timely fashion

Easy support for IT

  • Remote Control Panel allows troubleshooting from anywhere
  • Support requests minimized by Online Support and Embedded Help Videos for users
  • Devices connect wirelessly to reduce infrastructure costs
  • Device cloning
  • Global Print Driver allows you to support just 1 print driver for the entire fleet, regardless of manufacturer.
  • Common ConnectKey controller used on extensive office product line means less user support needed

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