Voice Over Internet Protocol

Maximize your reach with VoIP.

Searching for information, listening to music, watching videos and posting on social media networks are handful of ways we use the internet daily. You can also use it as your telephone service. Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP gives you the4 ability to use the internet (USB connection or wireless) to transmit voice data. In other words, talking via telephone devices or computer to computer (like Skype). VoIP benefits include :

  • Simplified conferencing
  • Worldwide access and mobility
  • Better use of bandwidth
  • Lower phone bills

The Move to Remote.

With so many businesses having to adjust to the reality of hybrid or remote operations, VoIP could not make this transition any simpler for your employees to be accessible from their desks at your facility or from their homes. Your customers will call your local number and reach your employee without any hint of their remote set up.

For a flat monthly fee, XCL will set up, host, and manage custom VoIP services for your business. You’ll enjoy crystal clear voice and video conferencing, eFaxing, email and more form any internet-connected device, all unified into a single platform for seamless communication. Combined with on-demand scalability and expert support, you can improve operational efficiency and streamline dynamic communication for better teamwork and customer service.