XCL Has Solutions To Make This the

Xerox has transformed how businesses operate since 1906. As technology advances, we have met the standard of excellence that has aided businesses in their growth and success. The key to this in the 21st century is automation and digitization and we can achieve this through Connectkey technology. Think of your Xerox as a Smart Assistant that will allow you to be efficient, sustainable, and productive anywhere you conduct business.

These days, we are conducting business in unconventional places in unconventional ways. We’ve all had to adapt to new technology, new expectations, and unexpected hurdles. Xerox and ConnectKey make it seemless for you and your employees to transition from the office, to the road, to the home without missing a beat.

Here are a few Xerox compatible applications that many Accountants are using that have made a real difference in their day-to-day operations.

Quickbooks Online

Connect for QuickBooks Online is a Xerox® connector app, linking users directly to the service to streamline the expense reporting process. Eliminate hassles and inefficiencies in the expense reporting process with a few simple steps at the MFP.

XMedius Fax

XMediusFAX® is the award winning software-based fax server solution that increases employee productivity and decreases paper-based operational costs.Designed to improve business workflows by automating document transmission in a secure and cost effective manner

Microsoft OneDrive

The Xerox Connect for Microsoft® OneDrive app makes it safe and intuitive to digitize documents. With this app and your ConnectKey® enabled device, easily print from or scan to an individual or shared Microsoft® OneDrive account.